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I am attending in MEBAA (Middle East Business Aviation Association)

The MEBAA Show is the Middle East’s leading business aviation exhibition a for companies across the entire industry. I am going to visit the MEBAA Show to discover the latest products and services available from the world’s leading companies in the business aviation industry and also suggest them to open Iranian doors to themselves.

Iran by 80 millions of population with 1’648’195 square kilometers is a very strong country with huge of potential. I am full of suggestions for every smart business worldwide, specially for Aviation and Aerospace sector and investors.

Contact me for more information and Intel.


FAQ US-Iran Sanctions

This is a copy-paste from main website (OFAC) and updated in 23 Dec 2016

View the main website here

CISADA (Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act of 2010)



My Contacts

You can reach me by:

  • Mobile and its Social networks by +98 936 917 5733 (I use whatsapp and telegram)
  • Email: sm at this domain name.
  • or personal email by babak_info at yahoo dot com
  • Skype: babak.info

I am living in Shiraz city, Fars Province, Iran. I am an engineer, polyglot, etymologist and aviator.

It would be my honor to advocate you, help you in Aviation, Business and Investment.

Who know Iranian market better than an Iranian Businessman?


نمایشگاه مجازی فارس، ارایه دهنده محتوای فاخر فارسی، مقالات مفید و گلچین شده از سراسر وب