English (International Business with Iranian)

Are you willing to

  • Start a business with Iranian?
  • Start your company branch in Iran?
  • Create your start up in Iran?
  • Develop what you are doing in Iran?
  • Invest in Iran?
  • Import to/Export from Iran?

I can be a help to you. I am helping people from overseas by advocating, translating and facilitating since 2006. Specially in Aviation and Investment.

So many companies and real face contacts from USA, Russia, China, CIS, Austria, UK and … had this experience. you can be one of them.

Read my events in English.

نظر/کامنت غیر فعال است

نمایشگاه مجازی فارس، ارایه دهنده محتوای فاخر فارسی، مقالات مفید و گلچین شده از سراسر وب